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Sandwich Shoppe of New York
60 Greenwich Ave. (between 6th and 7th Ave.)
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Greenwich Avenue cuts through the Village, separating girls who wear wedge platforms from women with high, thin-heeled booting. Or, if you choose, the boys with loose rock n' roll t-shirts from men wearing fitted Egyptian-cotton ones. Know what I mean? Much like me, the avenue is short and unspectacular. There's a mish-mosh of some very cool places to shop and eat closer to the West Village (Flight 001, Tea and Sympathy, and the elusively-named Mxyplyzyk to call out a few), so make sure you stay around the 7th Avenue cross-street or just north of it.

The Sandwich Shoppe of New York is unassumingly located between a magazine store and a Portafino tanning salon. My only fault with the place is that annoying spelling affectation in the name -- it doesn't have the history (being two years old) to qualify as a "shoppe," whatever that is. Or was. Nonetheless, it does serve up a tremendous amount of old world homey goodness, so I suggest you just refer to it as "Sandwich Shop," as do all my hoodies, and head on over. Oh, and grab some napkins (more on that later).

We New Yawkers tend to equate sandwiches with delis. You know, with the pile of thick-cut meats, slaws and pickles, and booths and stained men and creme soda. Or, we think of grilled panini with some kind of rare fish, pesto, peppercorns, and basil in your Phillipe Starck aluminum chair. Not quite deli or gourmet, Sandwich shop is closest in spirit to the stuff you wish mom could have made you for lunch: meat loaf, egg salad, chicken and turkey breast, salami and provolone, Virginia ham and Swiss -- just perfect basics. And it's all incredibly fresh. You want turkey? Then watch one of their two sandwich chefs rip it right off the bone and plop it on an assortment of just-baked breads. It's all good stuff laid out in front of you, and it's a pleasure to see. Oh, about the napkins: everything is so fresh that it tends to be a little on the wet side. Between rinsed and sauteed vegetables, condiments and succulent meats, you'll find yourself reaching for something, anything, even those tiny, textured napkins you get with hotdogs more often than you might care for. Yeah, it's messy, but, oh the rewards...

Consistent with its food product, Sandwich Shop offers no-frills atmosphere. There are some old-school wooden benches and tables (seats maybe 15-20 max), white walls, and not much else to sideswipe your tasting pleasure. It's constantly crowded by the doctors who work at neighboring St. Vincent's hospital, so if that's not a ringing quality and sanitary endorsement, I don't know what is.

On this particular day, I got a marinated chicken cutlet on Italian, with herbal mayo, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, and the real star of the show: hot sauce. Okay, so it's not particularly hot, but makes for some feisty chewin'. Don't miss out on it. The chicken breast was tender and very flavorful, which is a lot to say here in New York. My lunch date got a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich that she swears is one of the best of her life. And she's Argentine, so that's close enough to an Italian OK for me. At $6.00 a sandwich, they're the real deal for lunch or dinner, especially when served with a side of Herr's chips. Sandwich Shop(pe) doesn't serve soda, so you'd be best off ordering their delicious homemade lemonades. Depending on the season, they mix in other squashed fruit like strawberries, oranges and whatnot. Go for the strawberry-ade if it's available. I'm a Coke enthusiast, but I never miss it here.

So, the name is really okay. I mean, if the food wasn't so good, it'd be really pretentious and cheesy. But it is, so now I just feel plain old bad. Don't take it out on the Sandwich Shoppe of New York. Show them some love.



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