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1431 Polk Street/Pine St., SF
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Out front.Great Zeus almighty it's been a long time since we rendered a verdict. Shameful. And we're sorry. Really. If anyone cares. Do they? No? Never mind then.

About time we hit the Greek food. Sure, we've hit Mediterranean, but this is specifically Greek and it's Myconos. Conveniently placed on Polk Street, near your favorite bars and book stores.

Everyone loves a gyro, and Myconos is serving up a nice one. Or some nice ones. A nice mound of them, really. That's what I got. You can tell by the picture that it's more of a knife and fork deal. That's it in the back, on the right. Yeah. Of course, this is the "Dinner Entree," so it comes with other fare. I guess if you got a gyro to go it might be edible by hand alone. The menu says "Gyro (shawarma)," which further adds to my confusion on the subject, but it's pretty dang good, whatever it is. I believe this was shaved off the spinning Gyrokone™, but then it almost seemed like actual strips of meat. Plentiful and tasty, piled on the pita bread with a zippy yogurt sauce drizzled upon it. Beside that they throw down a sizable "Greek salad" of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, and feta cheese. And beside that they have the "cottage potatoes," which were pretty good, in a scalloped, pan-roasted sort of way. This was a huge plate of food for $8.95. Not bad, Socrates!

Dolmas!Also would recommend the dolmas, which I normally don't like, but these are milder somehow, fresher tasting, and pretty good with their own yogurty sauce. And I believe that other thing (it's been a long, long time) was Kaftedes (Greek style meatballs). As I recall they were tasty, but maybe a little dry. But then they've got a...wait for it...yogurt sauce on top to moisten them up.

Anyway, I was bloated up like a Greek goat by the time we rolled out of there. Check it out after drinking half the night away at some Polk street saloon -- you won't regret it.



Meatballs!Myconos, named for a Greek island sometimes spelled with a K and sometimes with a C, at least on the InterWeb, is the only straight-up Greek restaurant I've encountered in San Francisco. So I don't have much to go on, but it seemed to all of us quite authentic.

I'd never had quite a dish like moussaka, an elaborate square of layered eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, ground beef, and a creamy, odd sauce called bechamel. The bechamel sauce had a distinct cinnamon flavor to it that was a bit much for me. Cinnamon and beef are not good bedfellows in my dining book. The beef seemed like it could use some seasoning, but overall I had to respect this unique and carefully architected dish. (It's doubtful that "architected" is a word.)

Layering seems big in Greek cuisine. Spanakopita features an uncountable number of spinach and filo layers, the filo membrane-thin. Very industrious, these dishes. This was pretty great, and I wished I'd ordered it instead of Judge McC.

Everything else was good too. Judge T's gyros were also better than my moussaka, I think. The dolmas we had for an appetizer featured a cream sauce dripped over them (bechamel again? I just can't remember). I often don't like dolmas on account of an overly vinegary taste, but this sauce cut that well, and I found it a wise addition.



Who am I, where am I, what?

Feels like ages since we visited Myconos -- was it yesterday or four months ago? 
I can't remember, I'm losing my mind.

Was the food good? Sure it was.

Our plates.What did I have? The Spanakopita I believe, if my feeble brain isn't lying to me. I recall spinach, cheesy goodness, and a flaky crust ($7.75). The large portion came with a Greek salad and made a fine meal.

The Appetoooooozers were nice. Especially the Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Usually not my favorite, these were plump and not as sour as others I've tried. We also tried the Keftedes (Greek style meatballs). They were also nice, I think.

Remember to bring your own beer. They didn't have the proper license yet when we were there.  Check with the restaurant when you go in and if need be there is a liquor store a couple doors down where you can load up on your favorite beverage.







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