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Magi Loupe


Circuit Court New Orleans

Miyako Sushi Bar & Hibachi
3837 Veterans Boulevard
Metairie, LA

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Out frontSushi. Sashimi. I love it. Those perfect little colored rolls and shiny slices of raw fish kick my salivary glands into overdrive. Even mention sushi in the presence of sophisticated eaters and you are likely to spark a lively debate. Thankfully I don't know any of those, and my suggestion of Miyako on Veterans in Metairie merely prompted a "Who's going to drive?"

We arrived with rumblings in our bellies. Enticing aromas wafted hither and yon. Mmmm, and it smelled real good in there too. Not just a sushi bar, Miyako has Hibachi chefs as well, and they were hard at work when we entered, entertaining a large group at the grill. Anyone looking for a Hibachi style meal (a la Benihana) should check out this place.

Once seated, we ordered in haste: pot stickers, mounds of sushi rolls, hills of sashimi, boatloads of tempura. The lovely Asian server eyed us suspiciously, if not slightly contemptuously, for certainly we had over-ordered. They know not what they do, thought the pretty girl.

Oh yes, fair wench, we are very hungry.

SushiThe pot stickers came out, and my were they tasty, as pot stickers are wont to be, crispy and delightful. Then the main dishes started coming. First a simple salad with a tangy, wasabi based dressing. Sushi arrived. Rolls were devoured. Sashimi came. Nice fillets of lemon fish, salmon, and tuna met a similar fate. Ice cold sips of Sapporo washed down our feast.

But wait! More? Is that boat full of tempura headed this way, perchance? Ah, open for me O heavenly gates of overindulgence, your prodigal son is coming home. Once they delivered all the platters and bowls I looked like I had hidden myself behind a tempura barricade. Chopsticks flew and sadly, I lost a niece in the fray. Last we saw her she was reaching for the shrimp and then, well, just gone. Possibly dunked in some wasabi.

The entourageThis went on for at least 40 more minutes. Good food, good folks. A big shout out to cousins Steve, Aminta, Amanda, and the diminutive Stephanie, who thankfully was not dunked in wasabi and eaten, but had been in the restroom.

The bill was laughable for your repast, coming in at just under $15 a person. Obscene amounts of food, and still our wallets were heavy.

The service was, well...What do you say to a gorgeous Asian girl bringing anything you ask for with a smile? I say yes. And I'll say yes again. Hopefully soon.


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