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A recent graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Andy brings an air of credibility to the Füd Court's previously uninformed and amateurish atmosphere. Andy graduated among the top four in his class, and at his graduation ceremony they showered him with various pins and medals. He was then carried off on his classmates' shoulders. Ask him your questions here.

Andy Sez: Though it seems hard to envision, from time to time the Füd Court judges may not be able to meet your every need. To ensure that every Füd Court viewer leaves satisfied, the honorable judges McClure, Turner and Vardigan have called upon my expertise in things culinary and gustatory. Looking for chic donuts or goat cheese fondue? I can point you in the right direction. Can't tell the difference between a julienne and a brunoise? I can. Trying to explain your rubber fetish to your girlfriend? Well, I know nothing about that but I'd be glad to add my two cents. Not only am I a culinary graduate but also I eat a lot. A whole lot. A truly disgusting amount. So ask me. I'm Andy.

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Send your questions to Andy. He has eaten at every restaurant and cooked every food. He knows everything. The cream of the crop will be featured here on the Ask Andy page, and he will try to answer them all. As always, no spam, no ads!



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